Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Halloween Hangover

There's frost on the jack'o'lanterns. The kids are in school but mostly in a sugar coma. I have had nothing to eat today besides coffee and chocolate. Oh, I lied. I have had fruit. Fruit flavoured Tootsie Rolls that is. Just when did they start making fruit flavoured tootsie rolls anyway? I remember as a kid, my dad would bring me tootsie rolls when he came home from work. I remember them tasting chocolate. The chocolate ones today do not really taste much like chocolate. But I never saw a fruit flavoured one in my life, until a couple years ago when my kids brought some home in their halloween candy. I have been hooked ever since. The only thing I don't get is the assortment of flavours in them. So far I have had lime, orange, lemon, cherry and vanilla? wtf? I didn't know vanilla was a fruit flavour, but I digress. I don't honestly understand why you would have lime and my completely uneducated palate, they taste pretty much the same. Personally, I would prefer a banana flavoured one in place of the lemon. Kind of like the banana flavoured MoJo that I used to be able to buy at the candy store as a kid. They were sold two for a penny. There were a few flavours of those, spearmint being one, but the banana flavoured ones were my favourite. I would pick through the box at the store just to get the banana ones. I wonder if they even still make MoJos?

As you can plainly see by they picture to the left, I make a very beguiling witch. My daughter (pictured above) and I decided to go as Mother/Daughter Glamour witches. We looked fabulous, darling! And everyone said so. But of course my daughter had to tell everyone that the makeup came right out of my regular makeup bag!! Except the eyelashes of course. I can't however explain how eyeliner, when lining your eyes, can smudge and smear all over your face, but when drawn in scrolls on your cheeks can barely be removed without a sandblaster.
Now, back to the coffee and chocolate...........

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