Monday, November 06, 2006

Plight of the Drama Queen, Daughter of a Nurse

My daughter, the drama queen.

If any of you have a daughter between the ages of... well, if you have a daughter, you have a drama queen. They tend to blow everything out of proportion. My daughter, who will be eight soon, is no exception. Add that to the fact that she has two older brothers and a baby brother, and you have a Diva Drama Queen. So, when she came home from school on Thursday and said she hurt her arm, I didn't pay much attention. She wasn't crying from the pain, they hadn't called me from the school to say she had hurt herself. When I examined the arm it didn't even look swollen. I was on my way to work a night shift as well, so perhaps I wasn't as observant or sympathetic as I could have been.

Skip ahead to Saturday when I was trying to sleep after my night shift, with the kids running up and down the hallway and no door on my bedroom (another long story I will tell you about later). I was NOT in a good mood. I was very very tired and they were NOT letting me sleep. So when she told me that she hurt her arm again on Friday and that it was hurting even more, I really didn't pay much attention. I did examine it again, but still, no obvious deformity or major swelling, so I passed it off again.

Skip ahead to Sunday evening. We are out to dinner, Ky is favouring that arm, but of course, I am thinking that the Diva Drama Queen is just looking for attention. Everytime you go near her, she is cringing and whining. I look at the arm, okay, the wrist is a little swollen, but nothing terrible. Then, Sunday night, she is complaining of a headache and pain in the wrist. I give her some 2:AM, she is still awake, says the wrist is hurting too much to sleep, but that the Tylenol took the headache away. So, okay, I will take her in to the doctor in the morning.

Monday morning. I have to go for fasting bloodwork at the hospital, so I take her to the outpatient department, knowing full well they will have to do x-rays anyway, so what is the point of going to the clinic. I work in this small rural hospital so I know all the people there. The doctor looks at her arm, says he thinks she has a greenstick fracture and sends her for x-ray. Sure enough, her right ulna has a small greenstick fracture. We put the cast on, just a temporary one, since today, the darn thing is quite swollen. We go back Thursday for a regular cast.

Boy does this mom & nurse feel like an idiot. I will definitely be sucking up to the Diva Drama Queen today!


mum2brady said...

Oh no :( I hope it is feeling better and the swelling goes down soon!

I have some diva's, as well, and some that think a scratch is going to kill them, so, you never can tell ;)

Have fun sucking up :)

Karen said...

My mother did the same thing to me when I was a kid. She didn't think it was broken so she didn't take me in, but when I was whimpering in my sleep she knew there must be something wrong. I still remember her saying to me on the way into the hospital, "it better be broken." It was. We still laugh about it today 34 years later (I was 4 at the time.)

Hope it heals quickly. Don't feel too happens. :)

Love, Karen

Qualicum RN said...

Hey thanks for visiting my sight.

Now the drama Queen thing. Yes I have three daughters. Middle is the drama Queen. But she isn't the one who I did the very same thing you did with your drama queen.

It was my middle daughter. She was in gymnastics. Bounced about all day on her foot. Complained off and on. Then about 3 weeks later after complaining off and on for three weeks, while we were at the doctors for something else we have it looked at...and sure enough it was fractured. To late to do anything about it. Oh the stories I could tell of the stupid things I have over looked with my children that I would never over look if it was someone elses child.

I alos hear you about the not getting sleep post night shift. Happens all the time around here.

Take care.....and again thanks for the visit.

domestic_slackstress said...

I have a drama queen around my casa too ... Mine just happens to be a 3-year-old BOY. He drives me nuts, especially when he traipses around the house in my high heels and spazzes out at the same time. I love when he answers the door when people come bible thumping, though, especially when he's in those heels. Good luck with your little drama-mama. Enjoyed finding your blog tonight.

RX850 said...

I too had a drama queen! She was in gymnastics and I spent more time taking her to the ER for suspected injuries. She just LOVED when she had to use crutches one time!

Don't feel bad ~ you took all the same steps we all would. She's going to be just fine after some suck up time from you.

Thanks for visiting my site! :)