Friday, November 10, 2006

I can't hear you!!!!!!

Today is day one of an extra long weekend........for the kids. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, so they get today off school, and I am not even sure why they get Monday off, but they do. Of course this lands on my weekend to work my three nights. I am not sure how I am going to get any sleep whatsoever. Especially with no door on my bedroom, and four kids who don't seem to know how to communicate with each other without yelling.

The door came off my bedroom two weeks ago. I was at work on a Saturday and came home to find my bedroom door in the hallway. Now, we are in the midst of renovations, so a door not being on a bedroom is pretty common around here. Except, for the one and only time in the history of my children, no one is talking. Usually these little heathens will sell each other out in a heartbeat. Never have they banded together on anything.....until now. It actually makes me laugh. Until I have to sleep during the day and the heathens are all in my house.

Today I have assigned several chores. None of which seem to be getting done at any pace. I do hear a lot of bickering and sniping........I suppose they get it from their rather sarcastic and cynical mother. I just want it to stop. I am tired, oh so tired of hearing, "MOM!!" and then the litany of complaints each has about how the other one isn't doing their job. UGH!! I have finally started just saying, "I can't hear you" "I'm not listening to you" "When your job is done, you can complain about someone else" Although, like everything else this mommy does, I am certain that, "I can't hear you" will come back to bite me in the ass...........

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Frannie Farmer said...

Sadly I think you are right ... whenever I utter a phrase similar to "I can't hear you ..." it generally becomes someone else’s mantra - in a far more sarcastic and stinging way ... some days I thinik my head will explode if I hear MaaMaa one more time. Good luck! :o)