Friday, November 17, 2006

War Paint

What is this fascination children have with coloring on themselves? Is it the making of a tattoo addict? Every one of my children has this strange behaviour. It starts out young, and my oldest son is still doing it. Of course, now he is asking for tattoos, piercings, etc. I personally have nothing against tattoos, seeing as I have one myself and plan to get more in the future. I have nothing really against piercings either, except I know what people automatically think when they see a kid with piercings on his face. I thank the lord that the law here states that you have to be 18 to be tattooed or pierced, period. No notes from mom or anything. At least this is what i have been told.

I was 30 when I got my tattoo. It isn't the nicest one, but it is very meaningful to me. I got it after I lost my son, Gabriel. It is a cherub over my heart. I loved it then, I love it now, I will love it forever. But I wonder what some of these young people who get trendy tattoos will think in 40 years or so. Somehow I can't imagine caring for an eighty year old woman with a Tramp Stamp. (no this is not me in that photo)

But, I digress. My children all come home with pen and ink all over themselves. The other day I happened to see both my daughter and my son (the 10yr old one) with faces drawn on their bellies. I guess this is funny when you are that age.....and you make the mouth out of the belly button. Today though, the three year old decided he needed Tribal War Paint.


RX850 said...

I am so sorry that you lost your son, Rissy. It must be comforting to have him close to your heart.

Mr. Code Brown said...

I've taken care of 80+ year old ladies with tatoos just above or near their vagina. I didn't know girls were that wild 60 years ago. You just never know what you'll find on a patient's body.(I've added your site to my blogroll)

Anonymous said...

My love asked me if i'd ever get a i was like "why would i want to do that to myself" lol