Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogging on the Road..........

My flights out here were alright........completely uneventful. Only once I landed at O'Hare did I hear that travellers had been grounded for days due to bad weather. I can only hope and pray that I, too, get delayed on Sunday and am able to spend an extra day here with my love.

I checked into my hotel, only to find out that the pool is closed.....I booked through Travelocity, and I am wondering where that effing little Gnome was....isn't he supposed to let people know when those things happen???? I called to talk to him, but I got some bitchy guy with a very hard to understand accent instead. He really didn't give a crap that the pool was closed in my hotel and that I wasn't going to be able to swim during the day while my man is at work. Not to mention that there will be no hanky panky in the hot tub....jerk. After me complaining to him and not letting him hang up, he agreed to give me a $25 credit on a future trip.... whoopdy freakin' do.

Wednesday evening we just picked up dinner at this awesome little Asian place that we have eaten at before, and where NewMan eats lunch often during the week. They make some of the best Hot & Sour soup....mmmmmmmmm. Last night, we went out to this Mexican is always so good....SPICY!! And tonight, we are doing dinner and a movie. This kind of dating is always so funny, since we tend to go a couple months without seeing each other, then try to cram in all our dates in just a couple days. It is fun though!

I fly home on Sunday all seems so short. I cannot wait for the day when he is finally home with me for good. There will be a big celebration for me that it will be a day I have waited for for a very long time.

I just want to thank NewMan for leaving me his laptop in the hotel room, mostly so I can talk to him while he is at work all day, but also so I could keep up with my blogging and Facebook stuff. Thanks my baby! You are the best......

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I finally have a scientific excuse for being a slug......

Iris' biorhythms updated daily:

Physical: You're far from your physical peak. Don't overdo it. (-63 % and falling.)
Emotional: VERY LOW INDEED. Look after yourself. (-97 % but rising.)
Intellectual: An OK day for brain power. (37 % and rising.)

If you want your own Biorhythm evaluation, click on my Facebook link and sign up. And then you too, can get sucked into the abyss that is Facebook.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Advertising Geniuses

We have all heard an advertising jingle that just sticks in your head for days and days. That is the whole point. Who can resist that package of luncheon meat when the vision of cute little kids singing, "My bologna has a first name......" comes into your head.

And there is the onslaught of toy ads, that when I was a child only came on at Christmas time, but now clutter the Cartoon Network on a daily basis, making the children watching think there is no possible way they can live another day with out the Super Bratz Powder Puff Pink Ranger with Real Lazer Vision. Of course, perhaps my children just watch too much TV, like Anonymouse said of The Joy Children about this post

I have given you all evidence how witty and charming my son, The Tucster, can be. He is a 3 1/2 year old, after all. He is the worst offender in this house about the singing over and over and over and over of the mindless songs, playing the movies on a never ending loop, and repeating the commercials. He will walk into the room and recite along with the TV, "Maybe its Mabaween"

So you can only understand why I wasn't really surprised to hear him singing,

"Bom chicka wah wah"..... a great big thank you to the advertising geniuses at Axe.

Friday, June 15, 2007

What is that sound??

As I am sitting here in my room, drinking my coffee....there are so many sounds around me. My house is filled with a symphony. The TV in my room is spewing Hot Topics from the View (can I just interject here to say how much I dislike Elisabeth, prefer Rosie, loving Sherri Sheppard & Kathy Griffen co-hosting and if it wasn't for Joy Behar, I would be letting Tuc watch Pinky Dinky Doo in here). I can hear my oldest son's stereo is on in the bedroom right below mine, the bass thumping like a migraine. The dishwasher is humming away, the sloshing of the water like waves on the shore. The TV in the living room broadcasting an unending litany of mind numbing repetitive songs from children's shows (Wonder Pets anyone?). The dog is in his cage scratching at some imagined fleas, making the whole thing shake, rattle and roll. The overloaded washing machine is twisting the day away, then giving way to the spin cycle, sounding like the machine is mamboing its way down the hall to greet me. The dryer whirring away, the rhythmic thump of some wayward shoe, and the scratching sound of zippers from jeans adding to the overall melody. I can hear Tuc tossing his toys around in the living room, disjointed noises, like an improv jazz band.

And then I hear.......

What's that sound?????

"Tuc, what are you doing?"
"Pwaying my inswurment"
"Which instrument is that, Tuc?"

sound of him walking down the hall with something heavy

"This one"

"I gotta have more Hamster Cage!"
"I gotta fever, and the only prescription is MORE HAMSTER CAGE!!!"

SNL Cowbell with Christopher Walken

Friday, June 08, 2007


Yesterday just out of the blue:
"Mommy, I have hair on my arms, can I drink beer now?"

Upon getting his dinner plate at Easter when it was just him and I:
"Where's the wine?"

When Angus snatched the peanut butter toast from his hand:
"Damn you, Angus"

Thursday, June 07, 2007

For those of you who do not work nights...

1. When you go to bed at 10pm, do you say, "I am going for a nap"?... when I sleep during the day, it is not a "nap", it is the obligatory SLEEP my body needs in order for me to stay alive.

2. The next time you call me at 2pm and expect me to talk and be coherent, I am going to call you at 2am and expect the same thing.

3. When you wake up at 5am, do you immediately start cooking dinner??? Neither do I when I wake up at 5pm.

4. I will never get the quantity or quality of sleep during the day that you do at night, therefore, do not ask me how I slept, it will never be a positive answer.

5. Never ever ever come to work in the morning and say to me "I am so tired". I may just eat you alive.

6. Do not ever ask me if I want isn't a matter of want, it is a matter of need.

7. When I eat a plate of turkey and dressing at 3am, do not ask me, "how can you eat that in the middle of the night?".....the answer is "the same way you eat it at 5pm".

8. I do not need you to tell me I look tired at 7am when I have been working all night, I already know I look tired.

9. Do not tell me that I should rest more. I realize that. I realize it more than you ever can.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

a long night's journey into day.....

As I do my rounds each hour, checking on my patients, the light breaking through the darkness brings hope for the shift to soon be over and to be home sleeping in my bed.

It seems that people have an affinity to leave or enter this world at the time that the light is fading or approaching. I am not saying all, but there seems to be that trend. So as morning approaches, during that quiet serene time, you will check on that tenuous patient much more closely, to be sure that God has not reached down and taken them home.

Or on the other end of that spectrum, in the hustle of the delivery room, as the light breaks forth with all its strength, then too the new life will be breaking through to draw its first breath and cry its loud cry. It is truly a magical time of day.

During this time of year the sun stays up until almost 11:pm, by 4:30 am, the sun is already peeking its nose in between the curtains.

In the dead of winter though, I see no light. I come to work in the dark and go home in the dark.....with no light in between. I go to bed as the sun is starting to peek out, and by the time I rise for work again, the darkness has already fallen. Is is any wonder so many in my profession suffer from various forms of depression. To rarely see the light of the sun is such an awful thing.

And now, as my shift is approaching its end, I must go and start my morning work, so that I may go home and sleep.....and put behind me yet another long night's journey into day.......

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I have been nominated....

For a tenuous/obscure brush with fame by Moobs. A call was put forth for your most tenuous/obscure brush with fame, and to enter, you just commented and told them what it was. Here is my story.

In 2000/2001 I worked on a very busy surgery unit in Saskatoon, SK. The one day I came to work I had a patient who was a member of the group STOMP. The had put on a show the previous night. This poor patient had actually suffered a ruptured appendix and was left behind along with one other group member to have surgery and recover and catch up with the rest of the tour.

I have never known or really met anyone who was remotely famous....except for some of the exceptional bloggers that I read. I have had many "second hand" associations with people of varying fame. Maybe some day........

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I really love my blog...........

.....and I love all the people who come to visit. I have just not been my usual snarky, witty self. I don't really know why....

I know that when I come here to check out my Blogroll and nothing shows as being updated, I get frustrated. It has a lot to do with my attention deficit, I am sure. I need sparkly things to attract my attention.

Time to find my groove again........I need some inspiration.........