Thursday, June 07, 2007

For those of you who do not work nights...

1. When you go to bed at 10pm, do you say, "I am going for a nap"?... when I sleep during the day, it is not a "nap", it is the obligatory SLEEP my body needs in order for me to stay alive.

2. The next time you call me at 2pm and expect me to talk and be coherent, I am going to call you at 2am and expect the same thing.

3. When you wake up at 5am, do you immediately start cooking dinner??? Neither do I when I wake up at 5pm.

4. I will never get the quantity or quality of sleep during the day that you do at night, therefore, do not ask me how I slept, it will never be a positive answer.

5. Never ever ever come to work in the morning and say to me "I am so tired". I may just eat you alive.

6. Do not ever ask me if I want isn't a matter of want, it is a matter of need.

7. When I eat a plate of turkey and dressing at 3am, do not ask me, "how can you eat that in the middle of the night?".....the answer is "the same way you eat it at 5pm".

8. I do not need you to tell me I look tired at 7am when I have been working all night, I already know I look tired.

9. Do not tell me that I should rest more. I realize that. I realize it more than you ever can.


sara - The Estrogen Files said...

!! You go, girl!! Hope you're getting some sleep today. And I do mean QUALITY!

Diana said...

I feel this way (when I had my son and now with the new baby) when I've been up all night because the baby doesn't want to I understand. I hate when people tell me I look tired like I don't know!

Surviving Motherhood said...

I can totally relate to that. I used to work nights and it drove me insane when people would say things like "my god how can you just sleep all day, what a waste of a day!" Excuse me, but do I barge into your bedroom at 3am and demand you get up? No I don't so bugger off and leave me alone!

may said...

turkey at 3 am doesn't do it for me...but a plate of rice with some strange looking fish will :) cheers for the nights owls:)