Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Plight of the Drama Queen, Part Deux

To give you some background on the reason this happened. My house is in renovation hell. The only room that is NOT ripped apart is my bedroom. So this means that my daughter's/son's room is uninhabitable at the moment. And since my spouse and I separated three weeks ago (not due to the renovations, but a very good theory), the two youngest children have been sleeping with me in my bed. Very tricky with one child who has a cast....I should be getting danger pay for this.

Skip to last night. The doctor had advised me to give the girl Ibuprofen to help get the swelling in her wrist down so that we can get the permanent cast on her arm tomorrow. So, I had given her a couple doses with no problems. Last night about 10:30 I gave her a third dose. About 3:AM I woke up to the bed shaking...I hear her scratching wildly. I told her to stop it, she was shaking the bed and would end up waking Tuc. She said she was just so itchy. I, of course, being the wonderful mother and nurse that I am (see post below), told her to suck it up and stop scratching. I was under the impression that she was trying to scratch under her cast. A few minutes later, after multiple rounds of, "shake shake shake, STOP SCRATCHING, I can't help it" she says to me, "Mom, is there anything I can do for my lip?" In my half asleep, rather annoyed state, it took a minute for that to sink in. I flip on the lamp to see my poor beautiful daughter covered in one huge hive, and with a bottom lip so fat it had its own weather system. "OH GOD!!!" I go to the medicine cabinet and get her a Benadryl. She is going completely nuts with the itching. About an hour and half later, it isn't any better. I call our local HealthLink where a nurse will answer your questions...all I wanted to know was if I could give her more Benadryl. The nurse said she could not give medication advice and gave me a number to a 24hour pharmacist hotline. There I was told that I had given her the maximum and could not repeat it for 2 more hours. So, I drag her little hive covered butt to the ER. Of course, by the time we get there, the Benadryl is starting to work some, and she is not scratching anymore. Her lip is still swollen but not as bad. The nurse calls the doctor, the doctor says, "She can repeat the Benadryl" ARGH!!! But then decides that maybe some prednisone and Atarax are a better treatment choice. So back home we come......Ky is still sleeping from the Atarax.


RX850 said...

Oh you poor things! What a time you've had. Don't drama queens love it though when they're right? But fear not, mine is now 27 and she survived her tired overworked single mom! :)

Frannie Farmer said...

"suck it up and stop scratching" .. I wouls sooo say that and the scene you described would almost certainly follow. I swear, every time I try to take the *hard line* w/one of my Drama Queens, telling them to suck it up - they always end up being truly ill .. what gives?
I hope she is better. and that you got some sleep - eventually!

crazymumma said...

Oh what a nasty night for everyone! It sounds like you have so much going on over at your busy, so many changes. I hope it all goes well.

luvmypeanut said...

Atarax is a wonderful drug...... How many ER visits can you have in one week? ;-)