Thursday, November 02, 2006

Guest Post Thursday

Hi everyone,
This post is basically an email a real life friend wrote to me. I found it cute and quirky, and even though she doesn't have her own blog, I asked her if I could post it as my first Guest Post. She agreed. So here it is.

"We had an uneventful Halloween. We carved our pumpkin too early and kept it on the island in the kitchen cuz it was so cool, but just in case you didn't know, carved pumpkins don't store so good for too long in the warmth of a kitchen ... I shoulda put it out on the landing like last year where it was cold - cuz that baby rotted and melted and started to stink like something unbelievable (reminds me of the decline of my first marriage) ... so, I turfed it (reminds me of my first husband) and bought one of those plastic, fantastically carved plug-in pumpkins from WalMart - trouble-free, hassle-free, non-messy, economical and I can just shove it in the closet until I need it next year (reminds me of the husband I'm looking for now). Ahhh, the joys of Halloween ... C1 went to a haunted house party, and C2 didn't want to dress up and go out ... not until 7:45 last night, anyway ... so there I was, in my pyjamas already!, getting dressed and bundling up the li'l Spiderman to take him out for a bit. He won't eat candy, so I was really going out for myself (who am I kidding) and using his cuteness as bait, but we ended up coming home with a HUGE assortment of goodies ... way too much ... but, I think somehow I'll get through it ... one kitkat at a time."
from T

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mum2brady said...

hee hee - love the husband bits :) And - using the cute little one as bait :) I'm all for skimming candy from halloween buckets, myself :) We call it the mommy/daddy tax :)