Saturday, November 04, 2006

Of Basset Hounds and Sour Cherry Blasters

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Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Of Bassett Hounds and Sour Cherry Blasters
November 4th 2006 8:21 pm

Well with Halloween just past, I have to tell you, I have eaten some of the strangest, most unhealthy things for a dog to eat. Thankfully my humans understand that chocolate is not a good treat for a dog. Even my youngest human, Tucker, who is three, knows not to give me chocolate. But, he does not know enough not to give me Sour Cherry Blasters. For any of you who have never tasted one of these treats, let me tell you what it is like.

For humans, Sour Cherry Blasters give you a rush of sour flavour that makes your mouth water and then you get the sweet cherry flavour afterwards. For Basset Hounds, who notoriously drool anyway, the effects are embarassing. Tucker gave me this little treat, smaller than a dime actually, and I couldn't believe what happened! At first it was just a little drool, from the sour. I chewed it up quickly, but the sour must have stayed in my mouth or something, because within seconds, my mouth was running drool like a fountain. It was dripping from droopy lips like a leaky faucet. To make matters worse, my humans were all standing there watching and laughing. The drool was hitting the floor and soaking the rug where I was standing. No one offered me a drink or anything. Finally the main human who takes care of me stopped laughing long enough to wipe my lips and give me a big snuggle, saying, "Oh you poor puppy".

Of course, when Tucker offered me another one a little while later, I didn't refuse.


mum2brady said...

Hee hee - my kids love those. Too bad we can't get them here in the states. Angus - you are one lucky dog :)

Kirk said...

Of course, those Basset Hounds will never resist the wants and desires of their humans. Poor Puppy... Kirk