Monday, November 27, 2006

Serious serious blogger's block today...............

I wonder if anyone has coined that term yet?? Blogger's Block. If not, think I could become famous with it??? Never mind, I am certain I am not that witty today to have come up with a new phrase no one has ever heard yet.

I think I will blame my Blogger's Block on getting my flu shot yesterday. A lot of people blame the flu shot for all kinds of ailments that might bestow them in the days following getting the shot. I mean, who are the people that get flu shots, usually. Old frail people that barely leave their homes, health care workers and children. Now let's examine this just a little. The old people, when getting their flu shot, travel out of their homes, into a dr's office, which is absolutely ripe with all kinds of germs during this time of year. Children, in snot laden, germ infested day cares and classrooms. Health care workers, who likely on the day they received their vaccination were elbow deep in any variety of body fluids. Yeah, I am sure it was the dead virus in the needle that made you sick.

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Mother Jones RN said...

Blogger's Block sucks. Maybe if you jump up and down, you can shake up your synapses and get them going again.