Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Talking with Tucker

I knew my little man would come through for me with a blog worthy story to post.

Yesterday morning in my house.....

Tuc: "Mommy, I want a treat"
Me: "Not before breakfast"
Tuc: "I need a treat"
Me: "Tuc, not before breakfast"
Tuc: "Mommy.....I WANT A TREAT!!!"

After feeding them all breakfast and taking the 3 older children to school, we come in the door.

Tuc: "Mommy, can I have a treat now????"
Me: "Please give mommy 3 minutes to get her act together first."

Fifteen minutes elapse

Me: "Why do you want a treat???"
Tuc: "I have no wife and no family, that is 'cause I need a treat."

Honestly, there was nothing I could say to that, I gave the poor kid a granola bar

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