Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pass the toothpicks please

I am sitting here at the computer at work. I am trying desperately to stay awake. I am really really really really really really tired.........tired of working the night shift.

Back when I first started this nursing gig, I actually loved the night shift. It is quieter, less demanding, etc.....but since my youngest child was born, I am finding this less and less desirable.

I long to sleep in my wonderful bed every night.......I long to sleep beside NewMan every night. I long to not feel in a state of perpetual fatigue. I long..... I long...... damnit.

When I had a live-in nanny, night shift was a breeze. Sleep all day, work all night, sleep all day........easy. Now I get home, have to fight to get kids out of bed, fight to get them to make their lunches, fight to get them off to school, ugh...... fight fight fight fight fight. This is really not a slacker mom's forte.

I really need to come up with some viable options to this staff nursing thing I have been doing. I need a day job, no stress, preferably without people, bleeding, puking or dying on my shift..........and still pays me the wages I am used to........


Frannie Farmer said...

Ugh. Sorry that times are rough. feelin' pretty sleepy myself these days and I can't even blame it on work - kids, yea well I can blame it one them for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hey Iris-
Don't you have any seniority that you can bump some newby to night shift and take the day shift? Otherwise, what about being a home-health nurse? Does that pay well?

At any rate... I hope you get some rest and get to spend some time with your kids soon.

Iris said...


around here, and in most of Canada... there are very few nurses that work straight days or nights in a hospital setting. It is called swing shift...we bounce back and forth......usually an equal amount of days and nights in each rotation.