Monday, March 12, 2007

Can we talk about why I don't like time change??

I lived the first 35 years of my life in a place where the time never changed. Every province around us changed, the US states changed, but we never changed. I don't know why we didn't, we just didn't.

So now, my 40yr old body is waging a war against the time change. I just can't seem to do the switch. I have been doing it for a few years now, living here in Alberta, but my body still can't seem to adjust. I had trouble sleeping last night, I can't help but subtract the hour when I look at the clock calculating the "real" time in my head. It can take me a full week to make the switch.

Of course, being that I work weekends, nights, etc....I can often be found working during the time change, and since my karma is a bit of a practical joker, I usually find myself on the crappy end of the time change stick. There is nothing worse than working nights in the fall on the night of time change. Our hospital has automated clocks and when 2:am hits and those clocks roll back, every second is like another toothpick being stuck in your eye to keep it open.

The spring change, which of course was just this weekend in case you missed it, is like a bonus if you are on the night shift, but really bites if you are on the day shift. Nothing like losing an hour of sleep on a Saturday night. You tend to change the clocks early so as to trick yourself into already thinking it is later, thereby going to bed at an appropriate time so that you get enough sleep to get through your shift. That, by the way, never works.

Insomnia hit me last night. I kept looking at the clock, thinking to myself, "of course I am still awake, my body thinks it is only 11pm" "midnight" "1am" "2am"..... you get the picture.......then this morning, my alarm goes off at 6am, like usual, and my brain says......"it is only 5am".....well, actually it said, "F@#$!!!! It is 5:18 am and I missed the alarm"

Amazingly, this morning was like the first time all year that I called the kids for school...ONCE....they all got dressed, made their own lunches and walked to school......ON TIME. I am wondering what my dear friend Karma has in store for me now............


Jacques said...

OMG!!! WHINEZ!!!111!!!

:D Sure blame the US again! Like we re the only one in the world . YOu know that ARE some good things coming out of the US!

Anonymous said...

It's okay, Riss. I've lived in Alberta for all 36 of my years and every spring, every fall, for about 2 days after the time change every time I look at the clock my brain automatically calculates and I say, "but, it's really __:__".

This early crap really irks me, though. Fargin' Bush - he can't do anything right!

Jacques said...


Sara said...

< grin > Yeah, I think we all do that "It's Really xx time" thing. It's just worse for some than others.