Thursday, December 21, 2006

Saving the world, one granny at a time.........

Now, I am not a believer in active euthanasia, that would definitely be frowned upon in my profession.....but....when they are heading towards the light........LET THEM GO!!!

I once had a doctor from South Africa tell me, "We are in a civilized nation here, we can't just sit back and do nothing"......Why not? Why can't we let God's will reign, why can't we let nature take its course? Why can't we let people who are old, sick and dying, just die? What is this need we have to hold on?

Countless times I have seen us trying to force medications down the throats of people dying of cancer. We know they are dying, they have opted not to take treatments or their cancer is too far advanced. Does that Colace and Vitamin D really NEED to be given? Does the Alzheimers patient who doesn't even recognize her own face in the mirror really need to take her Didrocal? I just don't understand it.

As for myself, if, God Forbid, I am ever struck with one of these ailments, I will refuse all and any treatments. No IV, no blood work, no antibiotics, NO CPR, nothing. Feed me only chocolate pudding and ice cream. I just do not think that you last days on earth should be spent trying to force down pills that you are only going to throw back up anyway.

Please go and get a living will drawn up, no matter how young or old you are. Make decisions for yourself, and don't let a grieving family member have to make those decisions for you.

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Student Nurse Jack said...

When we euthanized our dog last year, my children asked if this happened with people. So then I explained the ethical grey line, told them about Kevorkian, and talked about things like depression altering a patient's judgement.

Seems much simpler with dogs and cats, when you think about it. After working with geriatric patients, I can't decide what I want. Some of them are content and still sharp as tacks. Others? They make me want to die sooner rather than later.

DH and I need to discuss the whole living will issue.