Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I love big butts and I don't know why.......

Me: Tuc, you are such a cutie-patootie
Tuc: What's a "tatootie"
Me: *patting his butt* That is your patootie
Tuc: My cute tatootie!! Cute TATTOOTIE!! Cute Buttootie!!!
Me: *laughing*
Tuc: You cute buttootie too, Mom....
Me: Thanks, Tuc....
Tuc: Mom, why is your butt big and mine is wittle??
Me: Tuc, mommy's have big butts sometimes.
Tuc: You just growed it that way, huh?
Me: Yep Tuc, with the help of you four kids and Ben & Jerry
Tuc: Who are Ben & Jerry??
Me: Never mind, kiddo
Tuc: I wuv your big buttootie, Mom......

Gotta love that kid.


MinTeaRose said...

awwww he's DEFINATELY a cutie patootie! *LOL* THANKS for sharing such a cute story!!

Anonymous said...

Sir Mix a Lot is a genius


audrey said...


That's all I have to say about that.

Oh, The Joys said...

That is so cute.

Have you had that Oatmeal Cookie flavor? Holy Patootie!! So good.

Manic Mom said...

OK! Tooooo cute! And that song was popular the year I got married, 1993. I demanded the DJ NOT play that one. I also told him he could not play WHITE WEDDING!

Is Tuc, like my Tukey? Same name?

creative-type dad said...

Man, that's funny!

mum2brady said...

awwwww - that is sooo cute!!!

Mother Jones RN said...

Kids are so cute. Too bad they grow into teenagers.


apgaRN said...

Boy, that was good for a smile and a chuckle. :) They really have a way about them, huh?
My youngest said recently: "Mom, guess what!" What? "I love you." I love you, too. "Does that make you feel better?"
They've got me all figured out.