Friday, July 20, 2007

Blogging Hiatus Hernia

Here I am, popping out in the middle of my summer blogging hiatus. I was away for a few days visiting my mom and my youngest, Tuc. I had to leave him with my mom still for a couple more weeks until my summer vacation starts and I can head out to the cabin.

I also seem to have messed up my wireless connection on this laptop. I had taken the laptop to mom's and was getting online there, but now, my home network is not working properly....

I apologize for the posting here being sporadic and rather boring....I hope to get better soon.


Mother Jones RN said...

Enjoy your time at the cabin.


crazymumma said...

enjoy the time alone. it is so rare.

damn wireless. never seems to work right.

angel said...

enjoy your holiday!!!