Monday, March 14, 2005


I know it has taken me some time to get back to this.......but I just had to write about my NRP course. The one I was previously so uptight about. Well, I passed......not only did I pass..... but I achieved 100% on the written part of the course. I was pretty impressed with myself. Especially since I have never taken this course before AND I had forgotten to study until about two days before. The hands on part of the course was pretty easy, really. I only wish the instructor had not cut the course time down in half and had given us more hands on practice through the day. Hopefully next time I have to take it, I will have more time.

Now, I have a few home study modules to complete and then I tackle the biggie.....ACLS or Advanced Cardiac Life Support. I shudder every time I think about it. It is a big course, with a LOT of studying and memorizing......something this 38½ year old brain has trouble doing. I feel sometimes like my brain only has room for so much information, and if I keep trying to add new stuff, some old stuff is going to fall out........and I won't remember my own name! As it is, I am having trouble remembering which one of my kids is which at times. Poor kids get called all kinds of names........not that kind, but you know, each other's names. I have even called Tuc Ginger a time or two.......that should be good for a couple years on some therapists couch.


Momma Monster said...

CONGRATS on passing!! You are AWSOME lady, knew you could do it!

Mommy Nurse said...

Way to go. If I can pass ACLS, you can. My brain is older than yours