Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So, March 17th.........a day to celebrate the Irish in us all..........why? There is no other day in the year where there is widespread celebration of a Nationality to which you don't belong. I mean, how many non-Scotsmen even know when Robbie Burns day is.........or who of us that is not Spanish celebrates Cinco de Mayo? There was no parade on Napoleon's Birthday.

So why is it we all embrace our inner Leprechaun and yell "Kiss me I'm Irish" while eating our mutton stew and drinking green beer? I suppose it is because it is FUN! It is fun to talk in a terrible Irish accent and make up Irish proverbs. It is fun to see just how much green a person can wear. Though, not one of my children dressed in anything green for school today.....they didn't have anything ....... though, my oldest son wore a T-shirt from the band Green Day..... I figure that counts.

So, even though I am not Irish (yes, I am Iris, but not Irish), I will color the beer green, maybe some gingerale for the kiddoes too.........will make a stew, but certainly not mutton, and we will celebrate tonight. I think I will make a green jello pie for dessert even. But please, I beg of you, on the next Robbie Burns day, January 25th..............wear a kilt, eat some haggus and do your own bad impression of the Scotsman.......

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Shiela said...

That was great! And inspiring - gotta put together something fun for a green themed dinner now! :)