Sunday, March 30, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

I am certain that the one reader who may have faithfully been reading me at one time, has given up on me. I have felt so very uninspired as of late.

Life here has been good. NewMan and I are settling into life together. There are a lot of bumps along the way, as there are with any relationship. Add in the fact that I have 4 kids, two of whom are teenagers, and the fact that he is so far away from his own children, you can only imagine the ups and downs we feel here daily.

My oldest son, who will be 17 this summer, decided about 6 weeks ago that he did not want to live with me anymore. It has been a very difficult transition for me, but one that really needed to be done. He has had a lot of anger issues in the past, and he has a definite issue with authority. He did not like my rules. I suppose they were unreasonable ones.

1. Get up and go to school every day
2. Come home on time
3. Clean up after your self
4. Do the chores assigned to you without having to be told a million times
5. No smoking, alcohol or drugs

I am a tyrant.

His father seems to think he can do a better job with him than I can. I hope he can, actually. I have had enough, frankly. I took the child to counselling on several occasions to help him deal with his issues about our divorce. I took him to anger management classes to help him avoid some serious trouble he may have gotten himself into. I tried to be a parent rather than a best friend. And all I got in return from him was that he hated me.

It has truly broken my heart and my spirit.


Mel said...

Oh, Iris. My heart hurts for you. And it sends a chill down my spine to imagine the 'surprises' in store for me over the next nine years (I have a teenager now; when she's 18 and looking for a dorm room the other one will just be turning 14.)
Hoo boy.

But I am so sorry your heart is broken. I care, and I have never stopped reading. That's the good thing about Bloglines! It tells you when someone has posted, no matter how terribly long (hint) it's been between posts.

The Estrogen Files said...

I"m still reading, sweetie! I've got you on my Google reader. I'm so sorry eldest son is being so difficult! I hope things settle down soon.



audrey said...

I'm still here! It's good to see you blogging again, though I have to say, I'd never want to live with you either. Are you serious with those rules? Tyrant is an understatement! ;)

Seriously, though, I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. I hope it all works out well in the long run.

Cammy said...

Sorry to hear about your teenager troubles. As a fully recovered terrible teenager, I assure you that some day he will appreciate your rules and the Mum that cared enough to make them.

Frannie Farmer said...

Still stopping by ... and absolutely feelin' for you.
I am sorry about your son, but Cammy is right, some day he will realize that you were right -- that doesn't stop it from hurting like hell NOW.