Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sometimes the line between high fashion and "what the hell happened?" can get a little blurry

I am having a fashion dilemma. Basically, I have not fashion sense at all. For most of my adult life I have lived in nursing scrubs, and pajamas. Jeans and T-shirts to go out. The very odd occasion I have had to dress up have sent me into a tailspin culminating in me ending up sitting in a corner playing with my toes.

I am not one who ever wanted to draw attention to myself. I have always hidden behind bulky clothing and drab colors, in order to blend in. But now, I feel like it is time for this butterfly to come out of her cocoon. NewMan is a wonderful dresser. He is classy and always looks amazing. I need to fit in with this! I want to fit in.......but for so long I have been out of the fashion loop, that I have no clue what to wear anymore.

I have looked at many websites and shopped in the stores, but I am really having trouble. I am 40, dating a man younger than myself. I don't want to look 40 and frumpy. But I don't want to look like I am "40 trying to look 25" either. I want to look classy and trendy and sexy. All at the same time. Is that possible???

It seems that the styles from the 70's has popped up lately. I figure if I remember the style, I probably shouldn't wear it again....????? I heard someone say once, "if you wore blue eyeshadow in high school, you shouldn't wear it again".... does the same go for fashion?? I actually have some blue eyeshadow in my makeup bag, because it looked so nice with a blue sweater I bought....but maybe I committed a fashion faux pas. And then comes the makeup........just because eyeshadow comes with four colours to a compact, do you have to use all four colors at the same time? And how do you do that?? I am soooooooooo lost........ I need major help..... Someone out there please.........HELP ME!!!!! I have two weeks before my trip to see NewMan......and even though he tells me I am beautiful, I want to knock his socks off.......any ideas?????


Frannie Farmer said...

Iris ... I can't read your blog. Half of the post is cut off ... I want to advise (hahahaha because my *I am a stay at home* wardrobe is soo hot!) but I can't read your entire post to get the full picture.

Crunchy Carpets said...

I LOVED MY GREEN AND BLUE EYESHADOW...in the 80's clueless now.

I have found when trying to revamp my look, that buying whole outfits or mix and matches tend to work..and going for colours or styles I would not normally go for.....

The makeup I usually go to the counters at the store and yell HELP

livewithrealme said...

Ok, I'm no major fashionista and I really don't know your current style, but I'll try giving a little advice anyway.

I love makeup - my favorite thing to wear on my eyes is a *thin* line of a dark eyeshadow or eyeliner (dark brown or I prefer black) just above the top lid. That and a *little* mascara go a long way for me. Also, I do have a light blue eyeliner and I wear it (rarely) but *never* to match a blue outfit. Usually if I'm going out and have on a black top, I'll wear it. I think I have a pic somewhere. I'll find it and post it on my blog. Also, with my skin tone (I'm fair with dark hair), I like to wear earth-toned eyeshadow. I use a darker shade (browns or even dark pinks/mauves) in the crease of my eye and a much lighter shade (light beige usually) above and beneath (use the light shade especially just below browline).

Sounds complicated, I know but it's really easy. I really only use 2 out of the 4 colors of my shadow case, and always be sure they're contrasting enough (i.e., don't use two dark shades on your whole lid).

I always use a lip pencil but I blend it well enough so you can't tell. I find my lipstick stays on longer, and then your lips look more defined. I really just use those colored glosses these days and they are *very* neutral (creamy pinkish brown colors).

I'll post some other ideas for you on my blog when I'm done here (as I think this comment may be the longest ever)!

Iris said...

Okay, to my defense, the blue eyeshadow is dark, muted, navy and midnight blue with a sort of blue-grey highlight.......not periwinkle the colour of my sweater.......I don't think I could pull off periwinkle blue eyeshadow anymore at all.

jessica said...

You should go get a makeover at Merle Norman or dillards and they will give you tips on make up... that's what I have done when I am feeling overwhelmed.

As for clothes... JcPenny's of all places has had some pretty cute stuff that doesn't make me feel like a weirdo. I teach college classes... and I don't want to be the nerdy teacher like those I see around me... but I also don't want to see my students in the same clothes... try penny's... or my fave store Cato... hope this helps!

sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Good luck with this! Being fashion clueless myself, I can't offer advice. I think I may look something like the chix in the pix up there...

Iris, I hope I didn't offend you with my post earlier. I've edited it since. Also, I wish you all the best!

Watch out, NewMan. Iris is a handful!

Jacques said...


Matching Bra and panties sets.

Knowing whats on the outside is good enough...knowing whats underneath

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