Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Little Discussion on Etiquette

Am I the only person left under the age of 75 who finds the wearing of hats indoors, by anyone, just rude????

I know we live in a society of live and let live......but.......when I see a man or woman, boy or girl.....whoever it may be......wearing a hat (especially a ball cap, trucker cap, farmer cap, etc) indoors, it instantly makes me question their intelligence and upbringing.

Just last night I had ordered take out from one of the nicest restaurants in the small city close to where I live. I was sitting there waiting to pick it up and I looked around and saw ball caps on heads everywhere!!!

Where are the days when men knew enough to take the hat off as you go through the door and hang it on the coat rack? Is it really that difficult? Are you afraid some stranger is going to steal your hat and risk getting head lice?? Are you worried someone will see your hat hair?? (which wouldn't happen if you didn't wear the ugly thing in the first place) Hat hair can be remedied by this neat little invention called a COMB!!!! They are small, portable and fit right in your pocket...amazing! Are you concerned that the cute waitress might notice that you are going bald??? Here's a little tip for you........SHE ALREADY KNOWS!!!!! She figured it out when you refuse to take off your hat.....and they also know that the constant wearing of the hat actually irritates the scalp causing you to lose even MORE HAIR!!!

For the love of all things good....please take off the hat!!!


Dawn said...

Of course, do you remember when women wore hats to church? The Derby? To the theater?

I don't think that it is wearing hats indoors. It is the type - - - Maybe they are wearing hats to make up for the skin they show when their pants are so low (LoL).

Iris said...

According to Emily Post, it is alright for a woman to wear a hat indoors as long as it is a part of her outfit.....personally, I don't particularily care for that either...but that is just me. My dad was a man of the 20's, 30's & 40's, etc. He wore a hat all the time, most often a fedora, but he never, ever wore it indoors. It was a reflex for him as he came to the door of the building, his hand went up and off came his hat.