Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Sound of Silence................. broken.

On Friday, my three older children went off with their father for weekend visitation. Now, I love my children, but I love me some peace and quiet too! A weekend of just Tuc and me and the TV. No bickering, no whining, no fighting.... heaven. Tuc was going to spend the day with his other step-siblings on Saturday as well....I was in for some good old "alone time".

When I went to drop Tuc off, the mommy of the step-siblings said to leave him over night. So I got the hell out of there as fast as I could before she changed her mind said "Thank you, that would be really nice for him" and came home to a quiet house, save for the dog whining in his kennel.

I spent the evening chatting online with NewMan and then watched an SNL special, (actually, I watched part of it while chatting then shut it off so I could give NewMan my undivided attention. I finished watching it after he went to bed. I had trouble sleeping, so I watched Hotel Rwanda on the movie channel....because it was.....{insert sarcastic tone here} such a heartwarming movie that would lull me to sleep. I finally fell asleep about 2:am. I slept until almost 10am this morning.... so not usual for me, but so very much what I usually love to do.

I spent the whole day in my bedroom, watching the Food Network and chatting with NewMan.....I so cannot wait until he is living here and we can spend our Sundays doing much more active things. He says he will get me up early in the mornings...I guess we will see...

But then, Tuc came home this afternoon. He was crabby and whiny. He had hurt his hand and he does NOT like band every time he bumped it, he cried. I put him in the tub and he cried. Even washing his hair with mango shampoo did not help. He stood in his room naked, crying because he wanted to get his clothes back on. I finally went and got him into his pajamas. I made dinner, but he was mad because I cut up his fettuccine Alfredo. Then he cried because he didn't want white sauce. UGH!!!!!!! But now, he is eating, and much happier. I think it will be to bed early tonight for him. After a little Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.


sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Poor little guy - sounds over-tired? Hope that tomorrow is 100 times better!

We tried to watch part of SNL last night and it was just too dumb - even at the opening monologue!

ali said...

oh we've been there. where everything makes 'em cry. sorry you had that on your "day off"
he :)

jessica said...

We've had one of those weekends too. I looked over and my youngest was on the floor kicking and screaming like she is one... but she's six!!!!

crazymumma said...

It sounds like you had a blissful break. So few and far between for us parents, I hope you are good and recharged!