Friday, January 12, 2007

Okay, today is Friday of De-lurking week.....

I know by the stats, I get WAY more hits here every day than say........7 (I think that is the greatest number of comments I have ever received on a post...and that post was about poop).

I really really want to see who is reading me (THAT MEANS YOU TOO, MY SISTERS AND OTHER FAMILY).

I am changing the comment feature on here for the remainder of the weekend so that anyone can comment. Tell me who you are (if you choose), where you are from, how you found my blog, and what you really think of it. You may have to read back a few posts to find the really good ones. Actually, there is a challenge for my more regular readers........tell me which posts you liked best and point some of the new readers to them.....that way, I will know what to write about most (trying to think up some more poop stories). I feel like such a comment-whore.......begging and pleading. But, too bad.


Momish said...

Well, I know I have commented here before, but probably not as much as I should be doing! I just posted a desperate plea for lurkers to come out of their shells as well. The fear of being a shameless hypocrite has me finding all those bloggers I only recently came to know and exposing myself.

I love your blog name! That was the first winning feature for me! Your humour is the other!

RX850 said...

Hi Iris,

I believe that I started reading your blog through a link from maybe Nurse Ratched's place. I have a TERRIBLE memory. What I remember for sure is that you posted about your 'drama queen daughter' and I had to laugh because my daughter had been (and still can be at 27) quite the drama queen, too.

I enjoy reading your blog because you are so honest and open about your life. It makes for great reading!


Crunchy Carpets said...

Hi there....did you find me first or the other way round?
Can't attention span here!
The new name is good. very fitting.....not that I meant anything!! only I can't keep MY mouth shut either!!!

visit me at!

Iris said...

Momish, thanks for the wonderful compliments...

Eileen, I remember you posting about my Drama Queen. That was how I came to read your blog too!

Crunchy, I am sure I found you first, via Blogger Chicks....the name of your Blog was Fascinating to me.

Thanks y'all!!!

Kristen said...

Hey Rissy!!!

I just stumbled upon your blogs from Sheri's blog...

Long time no "talk" -- I can't WAIT to catch up on you and yours. I hope you are well.


Kristen (kealy10)