Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday's Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons I am a Nurse

10. I love working all major holidays and through the summers too

9. I have an arsenal of sedating medications that I am at liberty to use

8. The smell of sweat, blood and booze on a warm summer night in the ER

7. Watching a big muscle bound man faint at the sight of a needle

6. Getting to see the many varied places a person will pierce their bodies

5. The warm sensation of fresh vomit on your duty shoes

4. Lunch breaks that consist of a swallow of cold coffee and a Tic Tac

3. The all night Potty Parade

2. The soothing sound of call bells that rings in your head for 10 hours after your shift is done


The disorientation that comes with working night shift is vaguely reminicent of a good drunk!


lisabazillionkds said...


cmhl said...

love your list!

Juliabohemian said...

my husband has like 11 tattoos and he is still unable to have his blood drawn.

what is the potty parade?